Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Total Funds Collected for School Uniform Sponsorship Programme

Since it was launched in June 2011, Project GIVE has collected a total of RM3,880 (about USD 1,271) for the School Uniform Sponsorhsip Programme. The funds will go into buying materials for the school uniforms for 78 school children (previously 75 school children) in Nepal. Project GIVE would like to thank all sponsors who have generously donated the money to enable the programme to be successful. The amount of funds collected is more than sufficient to cover the cost of buying the school uniform materials as well as having it sewn by a local tailor in Nepal. Balance of the funds will be used to purchase school materials or sports equipment for the daily used of the school children. For more updates or pictures of the current School Uniform Sponsorship Programe, please click here.


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